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Hoa has been praised for her leadership, creativity and can-do attitude. Here are just a few testimonials from current and former colleagues both in and outside the journalism industry.


“Hoa is one of the most innovative, passionate and skilled editors with whom I’ve worked. I’ve managed Hoa at two online media start-ups, and would be honored to work with her in the future. As political editor at San Diego News Network, she immediately raised the visibility of the site among the city’s leadership. As a local editor at Patch, she built her site in Poway into one of the network’s traffic and sales leaders, ultimately winning AOL’s Blue Monster award. As an associate regional editor at Patch, she led two editorial teams, immediately increasing traffic through better coverage, smart search-engine optimization and community outreach. Hoa is a standout talent in the online media world.”

– Chris Jennewein, founder at Times of San Diego

“Hoa was a leader at Patch since her first day, quickly establishing herself among our best local editors, and ultimately taking on even more responsibility managing her award-winning regional team. Hoa is a talented, enthusiastic, entrepreneurial journalist who is the first to raise her hand as new challenges arise, and she will always go the extra mile no matter what. As a result she won our company’s highest employee award, and was frequently recognized for her work both inside the company and in the industry.”

– Warren Webster, co-founder and president at Patch Media

“Hoa is one of the most passionate and positive editors I’ve ever met. She was something of an urban legend in regional conference calls and meetings for her work in the San Diego area, whether it was coordinating team coverage of a shooting or figuring out ways to get eyeballs on work of her and her team via social media. She mastered every facet of of what being a Patch editor was about, which is a tall order in itself. Couple that with her natural inclination to share her knowledge and teach others, and you have someone who will always leave any workplace or group better than she found it.”

-Redmond Carolipio, freelance journalist


“Hoa is a first rate digital journalist who has proved herself time and again in the challenging business of hyperlocal journalism. She brings enthusiasm, compassion and leadership to work every day, and she is a valued peer with savvy and serious news judgment. Hoa knows enough to teach teachers but I hope she continues exercising her hard-earned skills in ways that reach a wider audience. Any digital news team would be fortunate to have Hoa on their side.”

– Guy McCarthy, reporter at The Union Democrat

“Hoa brought so much joy, enthusiasm and laughter to the newsroom! She also worked ridiculously hard, reported like crazy and earned the trust of many political leaders in San Diego. As president of the San Diego chapter of Asian American Journalists, she also provided amazing leadership, reinvigorating a lackluster group and motivating many around her. She is devoted to justice in the world and has a heart of gold. I am delighted to have worked with her.”

– Helen Kaiao Chang, CEO at Author Bridge Media


“Hoa’s positive, upbeat personality and creative approaches to driving audience growth made her one of the editors to watch at Patch. Honored with a company-wide award for her outstanding efforts, Hoa is the kind of employee all managers would be very fortunate to have on their teams — hardworking, optimistic and innovative.”

– Sandra Oshiro, education editor at KPCC

“Hoa is a highly skilled, creative and organized professional who is as gifted at managing teams as producing unique content. When talking to her, you will realize quickly she stands apart from the crowd and has an extremely bright future.”

-Andy Friedman, executive director of content and user engagement at Penton

Can-do Attitude

“Hoa is a tireless reporter and editor who embraces new challenges and is skilled in SEO and social media engagement. She went from a local editor of one of the most popular sites at Patch to supervising other sites in Southern California that also became top performers.”

– Jon Brod, executive vice president at AOL Ventures

“Hoa is tireless, eager and fearless. A green reporter starting at SDNN, Hoa stepped in and tackled the toughest beat (politics) in the newsroom with no hesitation — and did it well. She carries a passion for her work and life that will serve her well in whatever endeavour she takes on.”

– Jason Owens, editor at Yahoo!

Quality editor

“Hoa’s one of the top journalists of her generation, an opinion based on my experience in dealing with her as an editor at Patch; she has a very developed sense of what makes a great story and what appeals to a wide audience of readers. This can’t be taught. It’s part of her natural talent, and innate understanding of journalism. She’s just a great editor, too, someone I would always trust with my copy. And even though I have many years in the trade in various capacities, Hoa never failed to teach me a thing or two in the assignment and editing process. A true professional.”

-Tom York, columnist at San Diego Business Journal

“It was my pleasure to have Hoa Quach as my political editor at the San Diego News Network for approximately one year. During that time, she permitted me to contribute stories related to current events and citizen activism, and provided guidance and useful suggestions for new features. Her editing of my material enhanced the quality of each piece, but at the same time, she did not change either the facts or the tenor of the story. One aspect of working with Hoa that I thought was outstanding is that she did not interject her personal politics into my efforts at any time, which I think is a testament to her complete professionalism. Her humor, innovation, and attention to details are the hallmarks of a quality political and news editor.”

– Leslie Eastman, blogger at San Diego News Network

“The political editor position is one of the toughest to master, taking most reporters years to get their foot in the door. Hoa’s disarming nature gave SDNN the inside scoop with many local politicians, and her stories peeled back the layers of San Diego’s political scene. The politics beat always draws detractors, and she handled all attacks with grace and professionalism. As a co-worker, Hoa brightened the newsroom with her positive attitude and smiling face every day.”

– Chris Nixon, former senior content producer and music editor at San Diego News Network

“Rarely do I write a recommendation for anyone. Hoa Quach is the exception.

She is a devoted journalist, in the finest sense of the word and a diligent and expert editor. I have worked with many editors; in academia (for scholastic journal articles); in newspaper offices (for op-ed columns and year long projects); in California courthouses (for multi-media millennium projects) and online as a political columnist for San Diego News Network.

It is this capacity as a political columnist for an online news site that I became acquainted with the multiple skills and talents of Hoa Quach. Due to the nature and speed of contemporary news collection and commentary, the tasks of an online editor are multi-faceted. In these challenges, Hoa Quach excelled. Often my columns needed re-writes (due to changing polls, newer data, misplaced details, etc.) and in every case, Hoa Quach updated and edited my columns with the aplomb and patience of someone much older. In short, she was stellar.

In addition, she took the time to educate me in the latest online posting techniques and did so with the talents of a natural teacher. Her energy and enthusiasm are boundless, as is her potential.”

-Colleen M. O’Connor, Ph.D., columnist at San Diego News Network


“One of the sharpest, most objective and committed young journalists to come on the scene. Her ability to gather the facts and present them in a clear and concise manner while giving the reader a detailed, first-hand account of the issues of the day is a pleasure to read amidst a sea of superficial reporting that has plagued many writers and broadcasters of the day. I look forward to seeing more from her in the near future, if a media outlet has the privilege of hiring her!!”

– David Oates, president at Stalwart Communications


“Hoa worked hard to ensure that stories were presented in an objective way where all sides were presented. She is persistent, outgoing, intelligent and a master of social media. A great personality and a real concern for improving the community means she easily gains the trust of community and political leaders. She would make a solid writer and editor for any media outlet.”

– Steven Bartholow, local editor at Patch Media

Accountability reporting

“Hoa was a tremendous reporter who has a knack for getting to the underlying truths. She can see through the smokescreens that PR use to deflect the real story. I only wish we had more opportunities to collaborate on projects at SDNN.”

– Don Kohlbauer, visuals editor at San Diego News Network

“I’ve worked with many political journalists over the years and I can say with authority that Hoa Quach is among the best in the field – amazingly so for someone still at the earlier stages of her career. She is thorough, thoughtful, and precise. Political writing and editing is challenging when you’re being whipsawed back and forth by opposing sources and forces. Hoa is never less than cordial, professional, and fair-minded. She’s a diplomat but she never pulls punches. I have enormous respect for Hoa and enjoy working with her on behalf of my clients. She is a sorely needed talent whether in political journalism or in any other specialty.”

– Gayle Falkenthal, president at Falcon Valley Group

Team player

“Hoa is a committed journalist plugged into what is happening in the community and larger world. At SDNN, I appreciated her eagerness to develop new features, as well as pitch in wherever and whenever needed in the newsroom. Both of which were crucial in a start-up environment. I’d be happy to have her on my team again.”

– William Yelles, former managing editor at San Diego News Network and freelance journalist

“Hoa is the definition of giving 110 percent. Once she’s given a task or a goal, she won’t rest until she’s not only completed it, but goes beyond expectations. And talk about a team player. When she found a type of story or regiment that worked well, Hoa would let everyone know what worked for her and encourage people to try it. She’s a devoted journalist and editor and any company would be lucky to have her. She’s time and time again proved to be nothing but an asset.”

-Arin Mikailian, reporter at Times Community News


“Hoa is a great person to work with. Under her leadership as President of AAJA, she has been instrumental in making the San Diego Chapter a stronger force in the community and to its members. She is active in all areas of the organization’s work from fund raising to professional development workshops and is always thinking of ways to better serve the members. Without Hoa’s leadership, AAJA San Diego would be a very different chapter. She is a role model to all board members and colleagues and has a unique ability to inspire others.”

– Savy Hak, vice president at Asian American Journalists Association in San Diego

Winning personality

“As a colleague, Hoa was friendly and outgoing, with a winning smile. As an editor and writer, she was hardworking, industrious and admirably tenacious. And her passion for politics was a definite plus.”

– Valerie Scher, arts and entertainment editor at San Diego News Network

“For the past two years of being on the Board of Directors [of Rolling Readers USA] and fundraising committee with Hoa, I have found that she has an extraordinary gift of bringing a positive essence with her to every situation. She is very well-connected, incredibly bright and driven to succeed as a serious journalist.”

– Wendy Williams, vice president of marketing and business at Neighborhood National Bank

“I have known Hoa as a student and colleague. In this capacity, I have witnessed her flexibility, insight, and ability. First, as my student, she is among the most motivated. Second, I have been interviewed by and worked with her on several of her projects for Asia Media and the encounters were professional and a genuine joy. This professionalism has allowed Hoa to gain access to and establish important connections within the local ethnic-based organizations. Third, vis-a-vis her work in New Orleans, her selfless efforts have changed the lives of many and she continues to work at a tireless rate. Hoa clearly possesses the capacity, skills, time management, to succeed at anything she sets her heart and/or mind to.”

– Miguel Llora, former professor at San Diego State University