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Collective Health Wants to Change Healthcare Coverage — and Lower Its Cost

This story was reported for NewCo on Jan. 22, 2016.

We’ve all heard stories of health insurance companies that deny claims, but few of us start a company in response. That’s what Ali Diab did: he founded Collective Health, a Silicon Valley-based startup determined to reform the way Americans pay for health insurance.

Diab and Rajaie Batniji, a doctor at Stanford Hospital, founded Collective Health in January 2014 after Diab underwent a life-saving surgery. Diab says his doctors and nurses provided great care, but not so much for his health insurance provider. His insurer denied his claim, deeming it experimental. “We live in the best country when it comes to quality of care, but it is absolutely not matched by the quality of the health insurance system,” Diab says.

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